High Fives

Volunteer With A Fresh Start Clt

Helping us to provide an environment where our Survivors and their Children can Grow, Heal and Thrive Together.


As an anti-trafficking nonprofit, we realize that there are some grants that are available however as we focus on working with survivors it may cause us to miss deadlines. In order to run we need the right people who can come alongside us and assist us in applying for grants. We need someone who would be responsible for researching, writing, and coordinating the grant application process; timely reporting, and maintaining grants activity.


Do you have a passion to see an end to Human Trafficking in our world? Do you have a gift for designing eye catching websites? Are you often told that your ideas are out the box? Do you like giving back by using your gift of web designing? If you said yes to at least two of the questions WE NEED YOU!!


We are looking for a Social Media Content Creator with experience. We want to achieve greater visibility and engagement by producing creative and compelling content. We’re currently active on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and want to grow our audience by encouraging more people to follow us and spread awareness about human trafficking.


Everyone needs positivity in their lives to encourage them to keep going on good and bad days. For survivors of human trafficking and their children, combating negative thoughts can sometimes be a daily battle. Having positive reminders that can be placed in a book, on a mirror, a door, or even the wall can reinforce the positive decision they've made to be on this journey of healing. For their children, it helps to reshape their minds, as the world they've known to be negative turns positive. We are looking for handwritten or typed and glued positive Post It Notes of all sizes for both the survivors and their children. This helps to motivate them to stay on their journey to freedom.


Often times after being rescued from trafficking both for the survivors and their children they can struggle with feeling alone. Having a letter that lets them know that they are not alone and that encourages them with positive affirmations can be the very thing that motivates them to stay on their journey to freedom.  We are looking for hand written letters for both the survivor and their children to let them know people care about them. 
*Sample Letters can be provided to give direction*