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A Fresh Start Clt Team

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Helping Survivors of Human Trafficking and Their Children to Grow, Heal, and Thrive Together.

Monique Johnson

Executive Director

In 2009, Monique became aware of the issue of Human Trafficking taking place overseas and was stirred to learn more and to help in spreading awareness. However, in 2015, she learned that Human Trafficking was also happening in the United States and she began volunteering with various Anti-Trafficking Nonprofits in the Washington, DC area. She knew more needed to be done to stop this ever-increasing form of modern-day slavery. In 2016, Monique decided to leave her government job and move to Charlotte to increase her reach in impacting Survivors of Trafficking. She decided to continue her education at Vanguard University to dive deep into the issue of Human Trafficking and started working in the Anti-Trafficking industry full time. In 2018, she had a dream that she started an Anti-Trafficking Nonprofit with Jennifer Faucette, with whom she had worked within the Anti-Trafficking world, who is currently their Director of Counseling and Addiction Services. In 2019, they birthed the dream and, after a year of planning and developing what she saw in the dream, she filed the papers and become a 501c3 non-profit. Throughout her time in Charlotte, she has served with various organizations helping both Survivors of Human Trafficking and the Homeless Neighbors that live in Charlotte and abroad.  As the Executive Director of A Fresh Start Clt, her mission is to provide addiction and holistic counseling for Human Trafficking Survivors and their Children. It is Monique’s passion and desire to empower Survivors to break the cycle of abuse and addiction and gain freedom. She along with her team are currently working to acquire a Restorative Living Facility in order to house multiple survivor families to help them grow, heal and thrive together.

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Jennifer Faucette

Director of Counseling and Addiction Services/ Board Member

Jennifer started her career in the field of addiction in 1999 as a Prevention Specialist, teaching resiliency curricula in schools, prisons and to civic organizations. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology in 1996, a certificate in substance abuse prevention in 1999 and a certificate from the N.C. Governor’s Academy of Prevention in 2000.

She next worked for the developer of a substance abuse prevention curriculum in New York as a trainer, multimedia curriculum designer and frequent speaker/exhibiter at health conferences around the county before taking a little time off to start and raise a family.

Many years ago, Jennifer became aware of the issue of human trafficking at a neighborhood event and immediately felt the call to walk alongside female trafficking survivors. As survivors very often have addictions, there was a natural fit for her skills in the field. She began her work with survivors as an intern for an international organization, where she met Monique, and then became director of the addictions program with another local organization.

Continuing her education in the field, Jennifer received her Master’s in Human Services Counseling with a focus on addiction and recovery in 2019. She is currently working on an certificate in trauma-based care.


Sonya Russ

Director of Child Development

Sonya Russ has over 20 years in early childhood education as a teacher and administrator. She possesses the unique experience of facilitating and creating educational curriculums for the leaders of tomorrow. With degrees in Early Childhood Development and Business Administration, Sonya brings her servant leadership style to the students under her care. Sonya has committed herself to serving the underserved and marginalized communities. Seeing her student’s parents battle addiction, she is keenly aware of the impact it has on the student. There is a gap in the rehabilitation process for children of parents and Sonya aims to reduce it. Along with her passion, heart and experience, Sonya brings her holistic approach to child development to A Fresh Start Clt, Inc.


Stephanie Alicea

Case Manager

Stephanie is a Carolina girl raised in both North and South Carolina. She graduated from Bluffton High School in 2014. After a break in education for a few years, Stephanie pursued a career in the medical field as a Medical Office Manager. She graduated in 2016 with nearly seven years of experience. Through the years, Stephanie learned that she indeed had a passion for people. From a young age, she understood that people have a story to tell, and if you take the time to listen, it will impact you and change your life forever. Stephanie works with and empowers Moms in all stages of Motherhood to raise their children according to the Bible in order to be kingdom influencers. Through her time as a volunteer supporter of A Fresh Start Clt, she has been able to play a part in many Survivors' Stories. She hopes that through A Fresh Start, Clt. she will be able to assist in providing care and case management to the English-speaking clients and the vast number of Latino-speaking clients and their families that we serve. Stephanie believes that every day, we can make strides toward ending Human Trafficking. By providing proper care, our clients and their families can break the cycle of abuse because people deserve to be Free. Stephanie is married to her high school sweetheart Joshua, and they are raising three incredible world changers: two girls and one boy.

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Jason Husband

Board Member

Jason Husband is always looking for ways to be involved in his local community. He believes the opportunity to serve others is one of the greatest callings and gifts God has given us. By working with A Fresh Start Clt, he is able to give more and directly assist the women that have been trafficked and their children. Jason became aware of the trafficking industry while living in Las Vegas, NV in 2009.  

Professionally, Jason has been in federal service since October of 2009. Currently, he works as a Data Analyst for the U.S. Department of Labor. Prior to this position, he was an Investigator for the same agency. As an Investigator, his primary focus was to ensure compliance with federal labor law. While doing this, he interacted with trafficking victims, as well as received training on how to recognize signs of human trafficking.

Personally, Jason has spent time mentoring and tutoring young men, served as a church youth and children’s leader and currently volunteers training young ladies in his community on speed and agility. He also strongly believes in supporting work on the Mission fields both locally and abroad. He has a hands on attitude and firmly believes that the hand of God is with this organization and many generations will be transformed because of A Fresh Start Clt. Jason is passionate about maintaining positive family relationships; he is married and a father of 2, a brother to 8 siblings, an uncle to 14 nieces and 10 nephews that have all greatly impacted and enhanced his life.

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Greg Faucette

Board Member

Greg Faucette was introduced to the tragedy of human trafficking by his wife Jennifer as she became involved in the field. He was struck by the realization that "the life" is so much more than just an international issue (it's very much local) or women's issue (it's about children, too) or a runaway issue (the paths into being trafficked are so varied).  He is thankful to be able to bring his business and risk management skills and perspective as a board member to help Monique and Jennifer launch their vision for A Fresh Start Clt. 

Greg is a certified public accountant and a partner with Dixon Hughes Goodman, joining that firm in September 2020 after retiring as a partner with Ernst & Young in January 2020. He had an almost 30-year career with that firm.  Greg has been an active volunteer with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, is on the Visitor's Circle for Camps Sea Gull and Seafarer (branches of the YMCA of the Triangle), on his church's leadership council and chair of its finance committee, and a former advisory board member and volunteer for another anti-trafficking organization.

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